5 Tips For Finding Dog Friendly Hotels

Our Hotel on the German-Poland Border

Our Hotel on the German-Poland Border

1. Does the hotel accept pets?
- The answer to this question can usually be found on the hotel’s webpage – most likely under “Policies” or “FAQs”. If not, then a quick call to the hotel will get your answer.


2. What is the fee? - Hotels normally charge a pet fee, often as a “cleaning fee”. This can range from $10/night to $200/night so its important to check beforehand so you aren’t too surprised when you get your bill.

3. What size pets are allowed? - Most hotels only allow pets under a certain size. The norm is under 40lbs but it all depends on the hotel.

4. Are pets allowed to be left alone? - Some hotels won’t allow the pet to be left unattended, or if they do they might require the pet to be in a crate. Whilst others hotels allow pets to be left alone.

5. What type of room is required? - Hotels often require guests with pets to stay only in smoking rooms, or only in rooms on the lower ground. It is wise to check beforehand in case the room type you are wanting won’t be available for you and your pet.

This is just a short list of the important things to be aware of when looking for a hotel for you and your dog. It can be quite time consuming to look through all the options for your destination, which is why I am here to help! Just fill out the Contact Form for professional and personalized travel assistance!

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