Where do you travel with your dog, or other pet?

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Did you take your dog with you on your summer vacation? Perhaps it was just a day at the beach or hiking in the mountains. Or perhaps it was a road trip across Europe? If you have something to share, please email us to be featured on our site!

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Happy Travels!

Bodie at the Beach, Barcelona

Bodie at the Beach, Barcelona

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Ellen Huber at 4:02 pm

I am just starting to venture out with my Yorkie, Max and Golden Retrieverm Summer. My first step was to take them to “park and Bark” in Mount Dora on the second Sunday of April (this is a monthly event0. I enjoyed eating Sushi at Mount Dora Sushi with them at my feet, and they loved gazing from the balcony at One Flight Up while I ate blueberry cheesecake crumble. Mount Dora is a great place to enjoy with your dog!

Next we went to Lighthouse Point park at Pnce Inlet. It was a bummer that the dogs had to stay on their leach, and I fell and really badly cut my knee on a sharp rock, but Summer was happy to swim. I enjoyed my barbequed fish ribs (really grouper jaws) at Lighthouse Landing Restaurant and the dogs had quite a fuss made over them.

Last weekend we went to the Doggie Derby, which was a blast, despite the weather and the fact that both my kids lost their race.

Our next trip will be to Trade Winds and this time my husband will accompany us. He is very skeptical that taking the dogs can be pleasant. I just finished reading your article concerning your visit there, and I am more convinced than ever that we will love it.

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