What Do I Know About Traveling With Small Dogs?


Bodie on the Thalys train - Leaving Paris

Bodie on the Thalys train - Leaving Paris

What do I know about traveling with small dogs? 

Well, frankly, a lot. My dog, Bodie, has traveled with my husband and I all over Europe (which is where we lived for several years and where he was born – yes, we have a Dutch dog!). Since moving back to the states, he’s already visited 7 states with more trips planned for the future. 

Each trip is a learning experience. Searching for the right hotel that allows dogs can sometimes be challenging. It seems hotels, even those in the same chain, all have different rules and regulations that need to be sorted through – i.e. small dogs only, can’t be left unattended, if left unattended then have to be in a crate, no pets allowed. The fees for allowing pets can also vary immensely – I’ve seen charges ranging from free (always good!) to $100 a night! The average cost is usually in the $10-$25 a night range, however. 

Lately, our travels have been by car so its easy to plan that part of the trip (luckily Bodie absolutely loves going in the car!). However, once you have flights or trains involved, in can make the trip planning process that much harder! Europe, overall, is a very pet-friendly region – however you shouldn’t assume that because one country allows dogs of all sizes on the trains (i.e. Switzerland) that all countries will allow dogs (i.e. Spain – until recently no dogs were allowed). 

So, if it seems a daunting task to organize a trip with your dog, please contact me! I am a travel agent who can help you with your travel plans. I have the experience and knowledge to help plan your trip. And best of all, there’s no extra fees involved!

For more information, or to get help with your plans, email me at Leila@WorldClassTvl.com.

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